UAW Local 218 Negotiations Update

This site will be used to communicate to the membership of UAW 218 on the process of Negotiations as well as an update to the ongoing Negotiations with Bell Helicopter Textron in Fort Worth, Texas

This site will be used to communicate to the membership of UAW Local 218 on the process of Negotiations as well as an update to the ongoing Negotiations with Bell Helicopter Textron in Fort Worth, Texas.



SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2013 at 10:30am

UTA TEXAS HALL,  701 W. Nedderman Drive,  Arlington, TX

The Union has reached a tentative agreement with the company. 

The Union continues to review the company proposals in preparation for the Sunday ratification meeting. 

It is very important that everyone attend this meeting!








Your bargaining committee met with the company today, Thursday, October 3, 2013.  The parties made positive progress at the bargaining table.  We have agreed to meet again next Tuesday, October 8, 2013.  The Union is cautiously optimistic that we can make further positive progress towards an acceptable agreement. 

Your UAW 218 Bargaining Committee





Please note:  

In spite of all the rumors going around, we will NOT be on strike this Friday.  Don’t believe the rumors!  Please report to work and do your job.  Thank you! 

Steve E. Andrews, President-UAW Local 218




Date:  Sunday, August 18, 2013

Meeting Time: 10:30am

Doors open at 9:30am

Location: UTA Texas Hall - 701 W. Nedderman Dr., Arlington, TX 76019

*Members only!  No spouses, family members or friends allowed inside building.

*Please bring your union card and picture ID, and arrive early to allow time for sign in process.





Brothers & Sisters,

Your UAW 218 Bargaining Committee and UAW International Union was scheduled to meet and bargain with the company.  However, in the “11th hour” before bargaining was to begin, the Company “re-set the canvas” and sent the union a modified proposal via email after the close of business on July 30, 2013. 

The Committee and International Union met on Wednesday, July 31, 2013 just to try and figure out exactly what was withdrawn and what was not! 

Even though the Company’s documents were very confusing, the Union met its commitment and met with the Company to bargain. 

The Company and the Union reviewed all open proposals between the parties. The parties reached tentative agreements on ten (10) proposals (eight Union and two Company), the Union withdrew nine (9) proposals and there are eight (8) union proposals remaining open. 

As you know, the Company withdrew 54 proposals and the Company has 75 proposals remaining open. 

The Company again stated the Company would not change its position on healthcare, COLA, overtime and pensions! 

The Union’s position is that the Company continues to refuse to bargain these issues and that is an unfair labor practice! 

The union is continuing to file ULP charges with the NLRB to protect our jobs, our rights, and to make the Company bargain in good faith. 

It is ironic that the Company attempts to take credit for concessions by withdrawing their own proposals!!!!  Shame on the Company for again trying to twist the facts!

The Union is currently evaluating this legal situation to determine the Union’s best course for the Local 218 membership and their families. 

In the near future, the Union will notify the UAW Local 218 membership once there has been a determination of what exactly the best course of action is. 

Until then- REMEMBER that we made a decision together at Will Rogers! 

We walked out of Will Rogers as one on June 9, 2013, and we must remain as one!!! 


Local 218 Still Working Without A Contract

UAW Local 218 in Hurst, Texas continues to work, despite not having a contract with Bell Helicopter Textron. Local 218 and the UAW International Region 5 Director Gary Jones, Assistant Danny Trull, and Lead Spokesman Service Representative Wendell Helms began bargaining for an agreement with Bell Helicopter Textron in mid-April 2013. The company had repeatedly stated that it “didn’t want to fight”, to which the UAW replied, “Your intentions will be reflected in your proposals.”

Bell Helicopter Textron revealed its true intent to demolish and rewrite the contract, wiping away the rights and benefits hard won over a period of 60 years of negotiations. Bell Helicopter Textron submitted close to 130 proposals, the vast majority of which were concessionary takeaways.

Bell Helicopter Textron then posted its last, best, and final offer on the internet and refused to bargain, fully 3 days before the expiration of the 2009-13 contract. This ridiculous offer was overwhelmingly rejected by 85% of the voting membership on June 9, 2013. In support of the Local 218 leadership and the UAW Region 5 International Union’s effort to continue bargaining in good faith to reach an agreement with Bell Helicopter Textron, the Local 218 membership agreed to work under the same terms and conditions of the 2009-13 collective bargaining agreement.

In the short time since the offer was rejected, Bell Helicopter Textron has committed multiple unfair labor practices. One of the most visible unfair labor practices involves the implementation of one of its most disagreeable proposals by bringing in non-union scab workers to illegally perform UAW 218 work alongside, in some cases replacing union workers. All the while, with Local 218 workers laid off on the street, Bell Helicopter Textron blatantly threatens the jobs of Local 218 and our families.

Bell Helicopter Textron states on its website that it continues to bargain in good faith. In reality, Bell Helicopter Textron continues to commit unfair labor practices. Since the rejection of the last, best, and final offer the Union has been informed by Bell Helicopter Textron of it is outright and illegal refusal to bargain or discuss such mandatory items as overtime, health care/insurance, cola/cost of living, and pension/retirement benefits.

The CEO of Bell Helicopter Textron has stated his desire to “fundamentally change the relationship” with the Union. He openly desires to “bring the Union in line with the salaried employees.” He repeatedly compares the benefits of the Union workers to the costs of the workers in 3rd world countries and threatens the jobs of American Union workers and our families.

The UAW International Union is standing shoulder to shoulder with the Local 218 members and their leadership. We will continue to bargain in good faith to protect our jobs and our families. We will continue to file unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board. We will continue to use every legal tool we have to protect our rights and our families.

This is the bottom line, family. We will fight this all-out assault on unionism and the American family for as long as it takes. We are part of the greatest family in the United States, the UAW. Stand with us, pray for us, fight for us, we are your brothers and sisters.

In Solidarity,

UAW Local 218 Bargaining Committee


Brothers and Sisters:

Your Union continues to work for you.  The Union’s position on the 4th of July paid holiday and the COLA adjustment has been that you should get both.  You did receive the holiday pay for the 4th of July, and after your Union sent a letter to the Company (see link  entitled “UAW COLA Request Letter 6-24-13) demanding the COLA raise, the Company did notify the Union of their plan to pay the $.27 cent increase retroactive to June 15, 2013.

As you are aware, your UAW Bargaining Committee met with the company on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 in an attempt to bargain acceptable improvements to the Company’s last, best, and final offer to bring back to you- the membership. 

The first thing the Company did was to withdraw the proposed $4,500 ratification bonus from the last, best, and final offer! 

The Company again refused to bargain over 4 mandatory subjects of bargaining under the law; pension, COLA, healthcare, and overtime. 

The Union’s position is that both of these acts constitute unfair labor practices and failure to bargain in good faith! 

The Union will immediately pursue ULP charges with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). 

The Company continues to violate our collective bargaining agreement and the National Labor Relations Act, bringing in temporaries/contractors/non-bargaining unit employees to perform OUR WORK!   The Union has filed ULP charges against the company for illegally bringing in contractors!

The Company is required to provide information about their proposals. 
The Union has several information requests for the company to fulfill.

The parties have scheduled Thursday, August 1, 2013 as our next meeting date. 

Company offer- 85% REJECTED

Volunteer Overtime- 99% REJECTED





Your Bargaining Committee


There have been questions about your insurance under the present conditions of which we are working under.  Word from the UAW International is your insurance is intact and should not be a concern for you at this time.   Everything is as usual regarding insurance.   If you have a problem with your insurance please contact your Union Rep with your issues. 

In regards to the non-communication on this website: I would like to apologize that there has not been more, but our attorneys have advised us to keep the information posted to a minimum during these trying times.  If you feel that you need more information please call your Union Rep or the Union Hall.  We prefer you communicate with your Union Rep personally or by phone. 

Steve Andrews, President

UAW Local 218 


Brothers and Sisters,

The International Union UAW, and the Local Union 218 bargaining committee want to make sure you know the facts concerning negotiations with the company;

1.  The union requested and was available to bargain Friday, June 7th and Saturday, June 8th.The Company refused to bargain (three days before expiration!).  And instead tried to “sell you directly on their last, best and final offer. 

2.  You the membership rejected the company offer!  -85% rejection.

3.  The Company and the union next met on Friday, June 14th.   The Company immediately told the bargaining committee they would not move on the proposed concessions on healthcare, pension, COLA, and overtime.  (The Company refused to bargain these issues!)

-  Then gave the union modified proposals on their proposed concessions on job combos and union representation!   

-   In other words, the Company did no bargaining with the union on any issue that is important to this membership. 

-  They simply changed what they wanted in order to “better the Company position.” 

In fact, the Company refused to bargain on more issues than they changed!    The International Union and Local 218 Bargaining Committee will meet their legal obligations to bargain! 

Don’t let the company “TWIST THE FACTS”.  

This International Union and Local 218 Bargaining Committee will strongly defend the legal rights of our members.  Whatever it takes legally! 

The Union’s position is that the Company has committed numerous unfair labor practices (violations of your rights/union rights, rights under the National Labor Relations Act)

 The Union will file charges with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on behalf of the Union and the Membership! 

The Union will use all legal tools necessary to protect our rights and OUR WORK! 

The Company message has been clear – regardless of who it comes from.  The Company talks about taking care of every “mission” except this membership, their families and our retirees! 

Negotiations is a process- we must trust our leadership, ourselves and trust our union! 

Now is the time to show strength and solidarity! 

We walked out of Will Rogers as one! 

We must remain one! 

In Solidarity, Your Bargaining Committee                                                                                                                     


Your bargaining committee and Local Union leadership would like to thank everyone for such a professional meeting on Sunday. We are so proud of you the membership for standing behind your committee’s recommendation. We understand how difficult the uncertainty of the current working conditions are for you. Please continue to come to work and do your job, this is how you can support this process. At this time we are looking forward to meeting with the company bargain for an agreement that we can recommend. Please have faith and stay positive. United we can accomplish great things, divided we can lose everything.

In Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee